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      Make any cut you need with a table saw

      Table saws are the workhorses of any shop. Whether they're making rip cuts along large planks or making intricate angled cuts, they can handle it all. The addition of wheels makes table saws portable so they can be brought to any worksite. With extendable tables and easy to roll carts, you'll always have the cutting power you need. Sears carries a wide variety of table saws to fit your shop's needs.

      When setting up a home workshop, there are a wide variety of table saws with a base already attached. Craftsman table saws come with a variety of features to make using your saw easier and make cleanup a breeze. They include a Laser Trac feature, much like the laser that comes on many drill presses, that will let you make cuts quicker and with greater accuracy. Extendable side panels will help you cut a wide plank, and a telescoping out-feed will help keep your material steady. These features will help keep you and your work safe during the cutting process.

      Jobsite saws are perfect for bringing your most used tool to where you're working. With durable housing and wheels, these saws will handle the wear and tear that come with any construction project. Shop at Sears for all the table saws and saw blades you need.


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