Making the Cut: The Best Dresses to Complement Different Body Types

How to dress for your body type

Making the Cut: The best Dresses to Complement Different Body Types

Choosing the right dress for your figure can make all the difference. Your confidence is often directly correlated to the clothes that you wear, so make sure that you're always dressing for your body type. Whether you wear special size clothing or are just looking for the best way to flatter your figure, you can easily find dresses for your body type.

The body styles of women vary significantly. Two women can be the exact same weight, but carry their bodies in entirely different ways. When it comes to dresses for different body types, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right cuts, styles and colors to accentuate and flatter your figure. When choosing dresses, the goal is to show off your assets while drawing attention away from trouble areas.  You will benefit by understanding your body and knowing the features that make you feel the most confident.

If you have a curvy figure

Take pride in your curves and accentuate your feminine silhouette by wearing figure-flattering semi-fitted dresses. Look for a dress with fabric that falls easily in order to hug your curves without being too tight. Avoid wearing loose-fitting dresses that make your look larger than you are. Dresses with deep V-necks and wrap dresses are perfect for women who want to divert attention away from the areas of your body that you want to go unnoticed.  A-line dresses and simple shifts are perfect for women who have curvaceous figures.

 While dark colors are often the most slimming, you can still wear bright colorful dresses. As long as you've got a proper fitting dress, you can flaunt your favorite colors and look great doing it. For women who require larger specialty sizes, plus size dresses offer trendy styles in sizes that fit your body. You can don dresses in vivid reds and brilliant blues to make sure that you stand out in a crowd. Find a vibrant dress that shows off your legs or cleavage to help keep the attention away from your middle section.

For women with larger busts, consider a sweetheart or scoop-neck dress with a flared skirt to keep your figure balanced. Try to avoid high necklines that will draw focus to your bust and make you look heavier. Dresses that have empire waists can accentuate your smaller waistline, giving you an hour glass look. Offset a large bust with dresses that have a single neutral or dark color on top and bright bold colors on the bottom.

If you have a petite figure

You want to create longer lines without adding bulk to your tiny frame. Shopping for petite dresses can be tedious, but well worth the experience when you find the perfect dress. It's important to show off your feminine curves without overwhelming your body, so simple sheath dresses and shirt dresses are perfect for petite women.  Make sure to choose dresses that fall above the knee or maxi dresses that fall to the floor. Wearing a shorter dress that falls too long can make you look even shorter. Pencil dresses are another great way to show off your figure.

For petites, bold patterns should be avoided and instead substituted with modest floral prints and patterns to keep a balanced and proportionate appearance. A mix of bright colors and simple designs will help add the illusion of an elongated frame.  Women with shorter legs and a longer torso benefit from wearing A-line dresses and empire waists that redirect focus from the natural waist. Short bolero sweaters can be added to accentuate the bust without lengthening the torso.

The vast variety of women's clothing options like dresses and skirts, as well as accessory options like jewelry and women's handbags offers women of all sizes the opportunity to accentuate their best features. When you shop for dresses, make sure you're choosing styles that will flatter your figure and let your confidence shine.

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