The Best Jeans for Every Figure

The Best Jeans for Every Figure

When it comes to comfortable women's clothing, jeans tend to be on the top of the list. With so many different styles of denim, it can be difficult to decide what jeans will look best with your figure. If you want to look as good as you feel in your favorite pair of jeans, opt for a style that will hug your curves or help create the feminine silhouette that you desire. You can easily find the right pair of jeans for every figure; you just have to know what to look for.

Hourglass figure

If you're a curvy lady with an hourglass shape, you want to wear figure flattering jeans that will show off your natural curves. High waisted jeans with a contoured cut will hug your hips and cinch your waist in an attractive and chic way. Boot-cut legs will help keep your body balanced from head to toe. Choose a dark denim pair to wear with your favorite fitted sweater for an on-trend look. 


For ladies with shorter legs, look for styles designed specifically for petites. You'll find a variety of petite jeans that will flatter your tiny frame. Avoid cuffed styles that will make you appear shorter than you actually are. The best fit for petites is a straight leg, which will accentuate vertical lines, making you appear taller. Boot-cut styles are also great for petite women to add the illusion of length. Dark colors like blue and black are the best color denim for shorter women, as you'll look taller and leaner.  To draw even more attention upward, choose a pair with fading in the front of the thighs.

Tummy and hips

If you've got a round tummy that you want to draw attention away from or wider hips, mid-rise jeans that fall across the belly will help to minimize width. Steer clear of high waists that will accentuate a round belly or large hips. Straight leg jeans work to create longer lines without accentuating larger areas. Choose a wide leg to balance the width of your body.

Round butts

The best fitting jeans for women with larger backsides have a contoured cut that offers a high rise in back and a low rise in front to help minimize the butt. If you have a curvier bottom, you should avoid embellished pockets and other unflattering designs. Instead, opt for angled pockets that sit lower on the butt to give the illusion of a smaller area. Jeans with a flare at the bottom will help to balance out larger booties by accentuating your curves.

Flat butts

If you've got a flatter behind, you want to create the illusion of a full, curvy bottom with embellishments like flap pockets and designer stitching that will draw attention and give the appearance of a shapely silhouette.  Opt for higher pockets on mid-rise and low-rise jeans to plump up your backside. You'll love the way properly fitted jeans lift and shape to give you the curves that you long for.

Plus size

If you require extended sizes, you want to find the best styles to flatter your body. Steer clear of baggy, loose denim that makes you look larger. Figure-hugging styles that don't contour too tightly are perfect for plus size women, because the long lines will help you look leaner without adding extra bulk. Mid-rise waists are recommended to avoid a muffin top from jeans that are too low or a bubble from jeans that are too high. Colorful plus size tops that offer a slimming silhouette look great with slimming dark denim jeans.

No matter your shape, there is a perfect pair of denim designed to fit your body and accentuate all of your assets. With so many styles, designs and colors to choose from, you can easily find a pair to fall in love with. Every woman should have a flattering pair of jeans to wear with her favorite women's tops, from blouses to camis. The best jeans for women are the ones that fit well.

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