Beyond the adjustable wrench; how to build your first toolbox

It's a rite of passage when you finally get your own place; you don't have to share a bathroom, living room or kitchen space with anyone but yourself. It is great to have a place to call your own, but you will find that your own space means a few added responsibilities. While most landlords will come do fixes in an apartment or rental unit, you might want to tackle a few projects instead of waiting for someone else to stop by. Likewise, you will need at least a few tools to get your apartment decorated to your taste.

If you want to hang a few pictures, then you will need a basic hammer and some nails. Make sure your hammer has a comfortable grip and is not too heavy for your hand. You want to be able to swing the hammer with force but not lose control of the weight. There are special hammers available for women and people with a smaller body build.

When you are hanging items, you will want to make sure that they are evenly spaced and not crooked. You don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy measuring tools, but make sure you get a measuring tape that can at least span the length and width of your room. A simple bubble level should do the trick to help you make sure those pictures are up nice and straight.

Screwdrivers and adjustable wrenches

You may need to screw a few things into the wall, but the screwdriver is more of an essential item for furniture and appliance assembly and repair. Yes, many furniture assembly kits come with cheap flathead screwdrivers, but you will be much happier with a screwdriver that offers a comfortable grip. You will need at least one flathead and one Phillips head screwdriver, so that you will be able to turn screws of any configuration.

For everyday use, you probably don't need an entire wrench set, but a few adjustable wrenches would be a good idea. Adjustable wrench sizes vary, but try to pick out a small, medium and large adjustable wrench for your toolbox. That way, you will be able to loosen or tighten any bolt without having to spend a lot of money. You will hear a lot of talk about the various types of wrenches on the market, including the ratchet wrench, adjustable pin wrench and other types. For basic home needs, however, you are better off with something simple and easy to find.

A home repair guide

It doesn't hurt to have a small pocket guide in your toolbox for those simple fixes. Most pocket-sized repair books cover all the basics and allow you to just fix the quirks in your apartment without having to wait on someone else. After all, who really wants to call the landlord in just to put new batteries in the garage door openers?

Whether you are making up your first toolbox, or adding to one you already own, Sears can help you find all the essential tools you need. Check out a great selection of hand tools and power tools that will help you be the perfect handyman (or woman) in no time.

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