Beyond the tools: air compressor uses you probably haven't thought of

You likely bought your air compressor to go with some car maintenance tools or help you fill your bike tires every week. However, your compressor is a veritable multi-tool that can add some assistance to your daily routine or add a little fun to your weekends. Remember, you should always consult your owner's manual and product specifications before using an air compressor outside of its intended purpose. If your owner's manual allows it, try some of these useful or fun ideas with your air compressor.

You probably already know that you can fill your car tires with your air compressor; in fact, that may be the primary reason you bought the compressor. However, you can also use your compressor to assist you in some other tasks. Air compressors are a great tool for cleaning up your work space. They provide more power and speed than a broom and can clear your floor of sawdust or debris in no time. You can also use your compressor to blow off surfaces in order to ensure that you have a completely clean surface on which to do delicate work.

Your air compressor can also be used in situations where you need a little extra power to remove a tight-fitting object, such as a bicycle handlebar grip. You can just insert the air compressor inside and use it to help pop the grip off. Likewise, the compressor can help loosen other snug coverings or objects without a lot of elbow grease out of you.

Fun uses

Air compressors can be converted into devices that do all sorts of things from noisemaking to snowmaking. To make snow with your air compressor, you will have to make sure your compressor is compatible with a snow-making attachment.  If you are worried about getting moisture in your air compressor, then you can skip the snow and opt to make your air compressor into a giant air horn. Just make sure you don't blow it directly in someone's ear!

Air compressors can be used to propel liquids for various needs. If you need to paint a large space, you may want to attach a spray gun to your compressor for quick and easy spray painting. Some people use their air compressors for highly detailed airbrushing or simply painting a wall. If you want something a little more fun, you can use your air compressor to make a high-powered squirt gun. Look for a kit or check out several tutorials online so you can learn how to make one.

Finally, air compressors have recently become an interesting addition to outdoor recreation activities. They are used for high-octane paintball adventures or to make really high-powered potato guns in your garage. Choose a tutorial that shows you how to make and use one of these items safely so you don't shoot your (or your friend's) eye out.

Air compressor fun is easy with Sears. Start by purchasing your air compressor, then come back to get all the parts you need to convert it into the ultimate fun machine.

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