Any biker, whether using his own muscle power or piloting a 2,000-cc engine, is keenly aware of that prime point of contact with his chariot: the seat. The appropriate seat is essential to the quality of the two-wheel experience. We offer bicycle seats tailored for men or women, for street commuting, racing or mountain trekking. We have hundreds of motorcycle seats, suitable for everything from a Harley to a Honda. The easy rider can choose single models or dual seats accommodating driver and passenger. We also carry sissy bars, plus gel pads and pillows to enhance riding comfort.
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Proper Bike Seats for a Comfortable Ride

Having a good bike seat can mean the difference between biking for hours or for a few minutes. At Sears, you have a collection of Schwinn, Shimano and other name brand bike seats to choose from, all of which offer the padding that you need to bike farther than before.

An important feature of your bike is the bike tires. If you ride often, then you are wearing down the rubber on the tires with each trip. When you have a blowout or flat tire, browse the inventory at Sears to find Pyramid, Bell Sports and Schwinn bicycle tires for your bike. Whether you have a BMX or a mountain bike, you can find the tires that you need for your specific model.

Watch for approaching traffic with a new bike mirror. These mirrors mount easily to your handlebars, giving you a view of everything from behind. Choose a model that attaches to the end of your handlebar grip so that the mirror stays clearly out of your way.

Bicycle reflectors are useful if you ride your bike at night. Attach a few reflectors to your spokes so that oncoming traffic can see you from a distance. For dimly lit roads, use a bicycle headlight to give you a clear view as you ride in the dark.

Bike seats and other equipment can help make your ride more efficient and comfortable even if you are using an exercise bike. Shop at Sears to find affordable bike seats and accessories that enhance your biking experience.



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