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      November Birthstones Show Autumn's Colors

      Citrine, a quartz mineral, is the November birthstone in both ancient and modern traditions. This jewel's range of pale yellow to deep golden hues is reminiscent of autumn's changing leaves and November's flower, the sunny chrysanthemum. Citrine is called "the stone of success" and is said to attract material wealth. carries a tempting selection of citrine engagement rings, children's rings, necklaces, and other November birthstone jewelry.

      Citrine wedding and anniversary rings make gorgeous, classy-looking gifts for men and women alike. Citrine stones, having warm tones, can look especially beautiful when set in gold and, many would add, when flanked by diamonds! Sears even includes an engraving option for special-occasion jewelry.

      Sears also keeps little girls in mind with children's citrine jewelry. You'll find kid-sized citrine rings, necklaces, and other jewelry for every budget. The November birthstone is set in a variety of precious metals, from gold to plated alloys, and the full selection can easily be sorted by price range.

      Citrine earrings are another option for recipients of all ages. You'll find every style from dainty studs to bold pendant designs. Some earrings contain citrine exclusively, but others combine the yellow quartz with diamonds and other gems.

      Finally, some other options for citrine-colored stones include yellow sapphire, tourmaline, and cubic zirconia.

      Citrine jewelry makes a gorgeous gift whether you're honoring a November birthday or simply sharing a precious stone. Count on Sears to supply eye-catching jewelry at a great price!


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