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      Spark the imagination of your child with colorful building blocks

      Kids of all ages love playing with building blocks because they get to create cool structures. Blocks and sets engage a child's imagination and promote creativity, two things that are essential to development. While blocks help refine motor skills, it also lets kids build, knock down and let their action figures play on made-up building. With all of the blocks and sets that Sears has to offer, it's easy to start your child off on the right foot.

      Babies and toddlers need toys that help them develop coordination and simple critical thinking skills. The bright colors, bold patterns and simple shapes found in early learning toys stimulate young minds and encourage the kind of play that leads to stronger performance in all areas of life. Classic wooden blocks featuring letters and numbers in primary colors are a great way to teach kids to read and count. Soft block sets are perfect for babies since they have no sharp edges and can be easily grasped by little fingers. As your child gets older, Sears has large interlocking bricks to encourage creativity, logic and problem solving.

      From stacking blocks to advanced building block sets there are a ton of cool sets to choose from. Sears has sets that include pieces with unique shapes meant to help create a variety of different finished models. There are even sets that incorporate magnets for a unique building experience that offers a simple science lesson as your kids play. No matter what type of set appeals to your child, they'll be getting the benefit of an activity that builds comprehension and improves their spatial recognition skills.

      With all of these modern building blocks on the market, it's easy to lose sight of the benefits of simple play. Keep things simple with classic wooden blocks from Sears. Fashioned into colorful shapes with no bells and whistles at all, these types of blocks encourage kids to build their own structures without any instruction. Just like they do with bath toys when they splash around and try to sink toy boats, let your kids knock down their creations and start over again. This gives them a blank canvas to creatively grow. The more interactive toys you keep around the house, the more opportunity your kids have to grow.

      You can give your child the tools to build a city, a military base or even a futuristic space station with just a few simple pieces. Shop Sears for block collections and sets that will excite your kids and provide hours of imaginative play.


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