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      Freeing up DVR space and keeping episodes of all your favorite shows is easy with a DVD recorder. Don't rely on your VCR-DVD combo to record shows; switch to a DVD player. DVD players have better resistance to playback burnout and won't take up as much cabinet space on your TV stand. Fast-forwarding and rewinding to find the show you want will be a distant memory. Just click through the chapter guide and you'll be to your favorite episode. A DVD duplicator will allow you to back up home movies that on DVDs and ensure that you never lose any of your precious memories. Stop by Sears for your DVD recorder needs.

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      Keep all your DVR clear with a DVD recorder

      Keeping up with all your favorite shows can be tough. With school, work and everything in between, your DVR will fill up quick. Recording your favorite shows will allow you to keep them as long as you like. With the right DVDs you can write over them and reuse the discs more with little quality loss.

      Instead of spending money to replace your VHS movies with their DVDs, you can record them onto DVDs with your recorder. Using a Blu-ray recorder, you can up-convert them into HD with the device. This is especially helpful when looking for rare or hard to find VHS tapes on DVD. Eventually, you'll be able to get rid of your VCR altogether. Most DVD recorders are small enough to fit right on top of your DVD player and reduce the amount of storage space you need for your media devices.

      The most important use for your DVD recorder is that it backs up precious family memories. Converting home movies stored on VHS tapes into DVDs will ensure that memories can remain intact for years to come. You'll be able to play them over and over without worrying about old tape finally wearing out. Sears has everything you need to make the most of your recorder.


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