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      Feed Your Enthusiam with Popular Car Magazines

      Every car enthusiast knows the importance of staying on top of current trends. Car magazines give you all the latest on new models, fancy body work and what's hot among the classics. If you want to learn more about how to take care of your vehicle or upgrade it with a few personal touches, magazines are a good place to start. Sears stocks these as well as a variety of tools that cater to mechanics of all skill levels.

      In addition to magazines, automotive manuals are essential reading for auto lovers. You can't work on your car without becoming familiar with its parts. Manuals can be found for individual systems such as transmissions or for whole vehicles. Keeping a manual on hand means that you'll have a quick reference if something goes wrong with your car. You can look up parts and identify potential problems before heading to the mechanic to get an idea of how much repairs are going to cost. If you've been working on cars for a while, manuals give you the guidance you need to fix problems yourself. Making upgrades requires a working knowledge of your car's interior as well. Before modifying anything, you have to understand how the original parts work together. Specialty manuals tell you how to install kits and make other changes to personalize your car.

      Automotive software can give you detailed instructions for specific repairs. From diagnostics to diagrams, electronic media takes basic car manuals a step further to help walk you through working on different parts of your vehicle. You may be able to find the complete manual for your specific car or truck on CD instead of in print. Sears also offers update kits for the internal software in some vehicles.

      Whether you're just starting out or are an accomplished do-it-yourself mechanic, a good set of auto mechanic tools is a must-have. We stock a huge selection from brands such as Craftsman and Stanley. Individual wrenches, ratchets and screwdrivers help you tackle small repairs and simple maintenance jobs. These tools also come in sets, so you always have the right size when working on your car. If you work on your vehicle a lot, it makes sense to invest in a more extensive collection. Quality is important when it comes to tools, so plan to get the best set that you can. Portable sets with fewer than 100 pieces can be carried around from place to place for quick repairs on the go. Some sets feature over 500 tools of varying types and sizes, allowing you to stock your at-home auto body workshop with one easy purchase.

      No matter what kind of car you have, it's important to know your way around under the hood. Being able to fix simple problems before they get bigger can save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills. Shop the selection at Sears for the tools, software and literature that you need to keep your car in top condition.


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