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      Start your adventure now with outdoors magazines

      Reading outdoors magazines is a favorite pastime of those who like various outdoor sporting activities. If you like to hunt, fish, camp or enjoy sports like snowboarding, Sears has dozens of outdoors magazines for you to enjoy. Some of our titles include Whitetail Journal, Backpacker, Fishing Facts, Climbing and Handguns magazines. These journals offer sporting enthusiasts insider tips, exciting articles, amazing photographs and other interesting information about different sports activities. Take them along when you go hiking or fishing; outdoors magazines fit handily into backpacking packs or daypacks. If you need backpacking packs, we have a wide variety of them at Sears. For hiking or trekking, you probably will need several different kinds because they all have different advantages. Some people prefer a sling backpack or smaller leather fanny pack. For other outdoor activities, you will need a picnic-style backpack that includes dinnerware for four and detachable wine carriers. Children need small backpacks for school and play. For long trips in the wilderness, check out our full-size backpacks on frames. We also have the accessories that make an outdoor trek more comfortable, like dry bags, hydration bags and other backpacking accessories.

      If you are going camping, trekking or RV camping, make Sears your camping gear headquarters. We carry all the equipment you need to make your outdoors adventure a success. Start with our selection of durable tents, screen houses and canopies. Add a cooler, chairs and tables, camp dishes and lanterns. For sleeping in style, we have many sizes and styles of air mattresses and sleeping bags that will keep you warm and dry in even the coldest weather. For accessory camping gear, we have a big supply of items like flashlights, headlamps, fire starters and lighters. Remember your camping stove or heater and fuel to go with them. A knife sharpener can be handy when you are outdoors as can hydration bags and your backpacks. Sears has all the supplies you might need for your next camping or hiking trip; shop now to be sure you are ready for adventure whenever the wilderness calls you to come and visit.

      Many people prefer to do their camping and traveling in a recreational vehicle. We carry many RV accessories, such as hand rails, ladders, RV jacks and RV leveler kits. We also have a good variety of specialty RV accessories. We have everything from garden tub handles to super springs. If you need a replacement for your sewer hose or sewer tank, come to Sears. We even have a kitchen sink dish drainer sized for boat, RV or trailer sinks. Replacement parts like the JR Products refrigerator vent latch, vents and vent installation kits help you keep your recreational vehicle in top condition. For recreation and relaxation, we suggest the Coleman Converta Cot for sleeping or to use as an outdoor lounge chair.

      You can have fun and enjoy the same lifestyle you read about in outdoors magazines when you shop for camping gear and RV accessories at Sears. We have the best supplies to make any outdoors adventure a good one. Have your orders delivered or come to our store to pick up your supplies before your next outing.


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