Bowling Bags

Bowling bags have come a long way since the days when Mom and Dad were in the leagues. Today's bags look more like a sturdy piece of luggage and come in several styles. Rolling bags like the Brunswick Flash Players Series Double Roller has room for two bowling balls and separate compartments for shoes and other equipment. The KR Joey pouch from Strikeforce fits over any bag with a telescoping handle, providing room for an extra ball without carrying an extra bag. Count on Sears to carry bowling bags for every personality, style and need.
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Bowling Bags to Hold Your Balls

Are you one of the many people who bowls? Although the bowling alley might not be as crowded as it used to be on Friday nights, there are still dedicated bowlers out there trying to roll strikes and pick up spares. Be the best bowler you can be with bowling balls, bowling bags and bowling accessories you purchased at Sears.

If you're serious about bowling, you should probably look into buying your own bowling ball. One of the advantages to owning your own bowling ball is always having a properly weighted ball. Bowling with an improperly weighted alley ball will encourage poor arm mechanics. You can have the holes of your bowling ball drilled to fit your fingers so that you can have a perfect ball release point and grip at all times. You can also customize your bowling ball with sports team logos, clever sayings or interesting designs.

Of course, if you own a bowling ball, you'll want to carry it around in style with your own bowling ball bag. Sears carries several models of one-, two- or three-ball bags. While you might not be able to completely customize a bowling ball bag, several of these bags have sports team logos on them, as well as specific colors and designs that will help you express your personality.

If you bowl frequently, you might want to consider investing in some bowling accessories, including wrist guards and gloves. Wrist guards and gloves provide your limbs and extremities with additional support and improve your delivery and control. Other bowling accessories include bowling ball polishers and bowling ball cleaner.

Shop at Sears for a wide selection of moderately priced bowling gear and bowling equipment. No matter if you're an experienced bowler or if you're just starting out, Sears is the place to start at if you want to bowl a perfect 300.



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