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Keeping a child's wardrobe stocked with necessities means ensuring that your child always has clothes that fit. This can be an especially daunting task for parents of husky boys, as huskies often grow faster than their peers do. Aside from everyday clothing like pants, shorts and shirts, you also must think about underwear and socks. Let Sears be your first stop for these necessities. Not only does Sears stock a wide range of underclothes for boys, you'll find the best prices on boy's husky underwear and socks from some of the top names in the industry.

All boys need underwear; the key is choosing the right style. As with men's underwear, you'll find two main categories: briefs and boxers. Briefs are made from stretchy knits, usually cotton. Cotton briefs are appreciated for their breathability and comfort, making them a good option for growing boys. While solid colored briefs are more prevalent, you'll also find a variety of printed underwear. Character briefs are particular popular with young boys, and using them can be a good way to motivate them to potty train. When shopping, look for briefs from Disney, Hanes and Joe Boxer.

Boxer shorts, on the other hand, are more stylish and come in a wider variety of fabrics and styles than briefs. You'll find both knit and woven boy's husky boxers, allowing your son to choose the style that most appeals to him. Knit boxers are more flexible, but are not as lightweight as the woven boxers that are available. For this reason, woven boxers might be a good option in the summer when high temperatures and humidity can make heavy fabrics feel uncomfortable. Just as with briefs, you can find boys' husky boxer shorts with your son's favorite character or sports theme, which makes getting dressed in the morning more exciting. When comfort is an important issue, consider looking for underwear with a covered elastic waistband, which is less likely to pinch.

Socks are also a necessary part of a boy's wardrobe, husky or not. Socks come in a variety of styles and colors that can be chosen depending on the activity at hand. Most boys wear crew socks to school, although low-rise athletic socks are becoming increasingly popular for boys of all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, most boys' socks are white, but colored socks are available as well. Older boys might only wear colored socks, usually black or navy blue, on special occasions, but younger boys often wear colored and printed socks every day. When shopping for socks for boys, look to popular name brands such as Althetec, Joe Boxer and Fruit of the Loom.



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