Breaking Convention: Stop Following Those Old Fashion Rules for Women

Growing up, your mother (or other female role model) probably advised you in all things fashion. You learned the rules of fashion and have followed them to a tee up until now. Today, fashion rules for women are more passe than ever, and breaking them is more on trend than following them.  Women's clothing rules, like most rules were made to be broken. Go ahead, be bold and take a chance. Switch up your style by breaking those fashion rules.

Wear black with brown or navy blue

You've been told your entire life not to mix brown and black or navy and black, but now you can throw that rule out the window. Mixing these base colors is more than okay; it's trendy. If you're ready to start breaking rules of fashion, combining these base colors into one style statement is one of the easiest ways to do it. You can wear a long brown tunic over a pair of black leggings for a casual afternoon or a navy blue shirtdress with a black belt and black pumps at the office. This on-trend look works for every occasion.

Wear white whenever you want

It used to be a fashion no-no to wear white between Labor Day and Memorial Day; now it's a fashion do. With so many shades of white, designed to accommodate the various seasons, you can easily wear white whenever you want. Black and white make for a stylish on-trend look, so pair a white skirt with a black shirt and black leggings in the spring. In the summer, white gives off a classic and bright youthful appearance, whether you're rocking your favorite white sundress or a pair of white capris to work.  In the fall, an off-white sweater over a deep colored dress in orange or burgundy will look fabulous and trendy. Of course, winter white is everywhere from the holiday season until spring. Whether you're wearing a winter white pea coat or a cozy white sweater, your seasonal style will always be on-trend.

Wear sparkles during the day

Glitter, sequins, shimmer and sparkle were once deemed nighttime style features only. Today, you can weave your sparkly fashion favorites with casualwear for a fashionable style that looks fun and flirty. Whether you're adding just a splash of bling with a sequined purse or going big with a brightly shining iridescent skirt, feel free to boldly dress yourself in a little sparkle. Make sure that you pair your sequins with modest pieces to offset the dazzling garment. Sequined tops look great with dark denim and a monotone cardigan. Complete the outfit with a pair of black flats for the perfect afternoon attire.

Wear sweatpants out of the house

Sweatpants and other activewear aren't just for the gym anymore. You can wear your favorite pair of sweats with a flirty fitted tee and a sweater for a modish look that offers a combination of style and comfort.  If you do wear sweatpants or yoga pants in public, make sure they are clean and neat. You want to give off a polished appearance, not a sloppy one. For a smart casual look, pair black fitted sweats with a colorful jacket and matching shoes.

Wear horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes have a bad reputation for making bodies look larger and wider, but you can easily pull off the horizontal striped clothing when you know the right styles for your body. It's important to wear the right cut of dresses, pants and shirts, but you can still wear the patterns that you like. Horizontal stripes in bright colors offer a fabulous and stylish trend that will give your look an easy chic makeover. If you have a curvy figure and want a more flattering striped look, opt for angled stripes that accentuate your curves in a complementary way. You can choose striped plus size clothing that will hug your body in all the right places.

Forget those old fashion rules for women. Breaking fashion rules can demonstrate your own unique style in the trendiest way. It's also an easy way to change up your look without trying too hard. Mix and match pieces that you wouldn't normally combine for a smart, confident appearance. You'll turn heads and make a statement when you toss those fashion rules to the wind.

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