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      Get better photos and videos with camera tripods

      It's easy to get sharper photos and smoother video by using camera tripods. Tripods provide stability and support for still and video cameras, even on rough surfaces. Adjustable legs and smooth operating camera heads give you the support needed to improve your photography and videography. At Sears, we carry a variety of tripods to fit any size camera and accessory equipment like lighting.

      Getting sharp photos and making smooth zooms or pans with your video camera is much easier when you are using a tripod. Tripods help to eliminate jiggles, jerks and annoying jumps in video shots. Most tripods are the three-legged style, but we also have specialty tripods that attach to a bicycle, motorcycle, helmet or other structure. Some of our camcorder accessories bundles include a tripod, in addition to various lenses, filters and other useful camera accessories. If you must choose one accessory to improve your photography or videography, start with a tripod for best results.

      Special occasions are the ideal time to create permanent memories with photos or videos of the event. Using tripods and mounts can improve your photography, and they should travel with you to remote shoots. Small tabletop tripods are easy to store and take with you, along with other camera accessories like a portable backdrop. Protect your valuable photo equipment by using padded camera cases that can hold additional items like your lenses, filters and small parts. Tripods can accommodate many different cameras if you have adapters to convert the threaded post to other sizes. We have hundreds of cases and accessories for your still cameras or camcorders in stock at Sears.

      Getting better photos by using tripods can improve the quality of your picture taking. If you try to shoot important photos without adequate support, you may wind up with photos that are blurry or video pans that are shaky. Having adequate lighting is another important factor in taking better pictures, as is using the right types of recording film. Camcorder film is available in cassettes loaded with high quality video tape. For still photos, you should match the film speed and lenses with the subject matter. Getting a sharp shot may require using extra fast speed film or having special lenses. Find high quality photo equipment and accessories at Sears, affordably priced so you can get the parts and accessories you need for better pictures.

      Everyone likes being proud of the photos they take. Using simple photo tools from Sears can improve your pictures and videos. We have a huge inventory of photo equipment and accessories that can help you get better pictures to show to friends and family. Order online and get everything delivered by us!


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