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Make memories and protect equipment with underwater camera accessories

Spending time around the water provides fun for families and creates wonderful memories. These are the moments you'll want to preserve with snapshots and casual video shoots. Don't risk damaging a valuable camera by subjecting it to the risk of water damage. Whether it's the backyard pool, a day on the lake or a snorkeling excursion, Sears offers a wide range of underwater cameras and accessories to preserve these memories without the risk of ruining valuable camera equipment.

On-the-go activities like hiking, biking, swimming and sightseeing require a durable camera that can stand up to being dropped or splashed by water. Even if you're not taking the camera under the water to capture colorful coral and tropical fish, it can't hurt to have a camera that can withstand a few splashes, drops of rain or an accidental toss into the lake. Shock-absorbing construction and waterproof seals and gaskets ensure that the camera body will last for years. Simple one-touch buttons let you easily snap pictures or record video while underway.

Nothing can put a damper on the day like discovering that you're out of batteries. Having extra lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries on hand guarantees that you won't miss any of those random snapshots and movie moments. We feature a large selection of camera batteries and camcorder batteries that will stand up to extreme heat and other elements of nature. Rechargeable camcorder batteries can be charged ahead of time at home or on the go.

A day of sightseeing or walking around the local waterpark calls for comfortable camera cases and camera straps. Camera cases come in styles such as water-resistant backpacks, shoulder slings, waist holsters, and small carrying pouches. Lightweight styles keep cameras safe while providing extra space for your other accessories, lenses and equipment. Usually made of neoprene, camera straps are fully adjustable and very durable.

Of course, you'll want to capture and preserve those memories in vivid color, deep contrast, and fine resolution. While many manufacturers have switched to strictly digital cameras and camcorders, which narrows the need for traditional film, Sears still offers the option to purchase black and white or color negative film. We sell a variety of camera and camcorder film for general purpose or professional use. Stock your camera with Kodak, Fujifilm, Polaroid and lomography analog film to achieve everything from casual snapshots to professional portraits and artistic photographic creations.

Make memories and protect your photography gear with underwater cameras and accessories from Sears. These high-quality products will offer years of service and protection for your investment. Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, you'll appreciate the benefits of our line of camera gear. Regardless of your level of experience, or range of outdoor activity interests, you can find what you're looking for at Sears.

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