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Incense & Incense Holders

Burning incense in your home can help clear the air of unpleasant pet odor and create a pleasant atmosphere. Many people buy sticks of incense without considering what they will put them in when they get home. At Sears, we have beautiful pottery and brass incense holders for burning all types of incense. You can safely burn incense in your home by purchasing a sturdy incense holder ahead of time. We also offer many other types of aromatherapy diffusers like scented candles and room sprays.

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Use incense holders to create a unique atmosphere

Don't let household odors undermine the hard work you do to keep your home looking nice. Keep odors at bay with the incense holders that Sears has in stock. There are many styles of holders for burning a variety of incense. Choosing one that's both subtle and attractive can help you keep your home smelling as beautiful as it looks.

Burning your favorite incense adds a personal touch to your home. You want to choose something that's delicate yet just noticeable enough to entice visitors the moment they walk in the door. If you want the source of the smell to be discreet as well, try incense burners from Red Sky Trader or Brass Burners. Like many potpourri holders, these burners are designed to blend in with the decorations you already have around the house. Whether sitting among knickknacks on an entry table or hanging in the corner of the living room, these simple holders make your favorite incense an unobtrusive part of your decor.

Future Creations makes holders for stick incense that are a bit more noticeable. Choose one of their eye-catching burners when you want your incense to make a visual statement as well as an olfactory one. If you're aiming for a fragrance that's as unique as your home design, it makes sense to choose an incense holder that adds something to the decor. Try a pewter cone burner from StealStreet or something more eclectic from Areaware. Along with attractive candleholders, these incense burners make a bold addition to your home. Match the style with an equally bold scent to change the atmosphere of any room.

If you associate incense with heavy, musky smells that stay on your clothes for hours, it's time to get a fresh perspective. Incense sticks from Essence Garden and Wildberry's cones come in a variety of scents that range from floral to spicy. With this selection available right at Sears, you can find the perfect incense to match any room. There are so many different types of burners that you can go with sticks in one room, powder incense in another and spiral incense somewhere else. Try something simple like coconut for a tropical flair in the summer or warm up your home in the winter with the unique scent of sandalwood. You might even find incense that matches your favorite women's fragrances, allowing you to enjoy your favorite perfumes whether or not you're wearing them. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your personal preferences will make your home smell unique.

Making sure your home smells good is as important as keeping it clean. Incense holders give you a variety of ways to combat everyday odors. From box-style burners to hanging censers, it's easy to find a stylish way to incorporate incense into your home decor. Take a look at what Sears has to offer for diffusing your favorite scents.


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