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-Canon T3i, 75-300MM Lens, PNY 8 GB Card and Tripod Bundle
Canon T3i, 75-300MM Lens, PNY 8 GB Card and Tripod Bundle
Professional Camera Shots Combo If you are as sick of smartphone video and photographs as most of us, you're dreaming of a collection of photography equipment that takes the guess work out of buying a real camera. This bundle of photo greats will give you the ability to take world-class photos, with clarity, color and ease. Canon is tops when it comes to digital SLRs, and getting the camera, tripod and memory card is the ultimate. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is a value-priced, professional-quality camera. Not only do you get great looking photographs, but you can shoot video too - all with a handy 75-300 MM lens. If you know anything about pro-quality cameras, you'll know you need a tripod for the absolute stillness that is the real pro secret to fine-resolution beauty. Of course, no digital camera will be worth a lick without a memory card, and you'll get one with this camera bundle.
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