Choosing the right dumbbell set for you

At first glance, all weight sets seem to be equal; you hold on to the weights, you lift them and you get stronger. While you can get a quality workout from any type of dumbbell weights, you will maximize your workouts best if you take your time selecting the most appropriate dumbbell sets for your home, fitness level and exercise regimen.

There are two basic types of dumbbells available: adjustable dumbbells and traditional dumbbell sets. Traditional sets take up more room, but tend to be safer and more durable. Adjustable dumbbells sets are space savers that allow great flexibility in workouts. If you have a lot of room, it can be handy to have a traditional set, since all you will have to do is pick up the appropriate weights and you are good to go. If you are working with limited gym space, then adjustable dumbbells will give you the ability to maximize your workout at the price of a few extra minutes to set the weights for each exercise.

Bench or no bench?

Many fitness benches offer weight racks for easy weight storage. Some store plate weights, while others store dumbbells. A dumbbell bench is probably not a bad idea for someone who uses a traditional set. The weight will help anchor your bench as well as provide easy and organized access to your dumbbells. While you can have an effective workout without a bench, it is certainly better to use a proper bench when training. Benches offer the stability and appropriate positioning needed for good lifting form. Additionally, a bench allows you to get a full rotation on your lifts. A chair or the floor cannot offer these benefits. An incline or decline bench can also be used for other exercises, which will expand the versatility of your workouts as well.

If you are ready to buy some traditional or adjustable dumbbells, then head out to Sears. There you will find a great selection of dumbbells, weight lifting gloves and benches to get your home gym up and running in no time.

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