Clear out your yard with a leaf blower/mulcher

Those stately old trees in front yard have turned a gorgeous blend of orange, red and gold.  Late in the evening, when the lights are turned down, you're standing at the window with a warm cup of coffee listening to those same leaves sing in the cool, crisp breeze.  What a glorious moment.

Then, the next morning, you wonder what happened to your glorious moment.  Those leaves that were hanging so beautifully on the trees just yesterday are now a huge mess in your yard.  You suit up in your weekend worker uniform and hit the local hardware store to stock up:  leaf bags, ties, gloves and that shiny new gas leaf blower/mulcher.

Leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher

Why the mulcher?  It's a simple case of mathematics.  As you look at what nature deposited on your lawn, fence row and door step, you know it is going to take many hours and many, many leaf bags to control the chaos. 

A mulcher can greatly reduce the space all those leaves eat up. The specifications for the leaf blower mulcher suggest a 16:1 compression ratio; that means that sixteen bags of raked leaves should be condensed down to one lovely bag.

Mulching your leaves also means that the final shredded product can be either bagged or used for lining your garden and shrubs, giving you a greener household, both in looks and in efficiency.  

When you are looking at a leaf blower/mulcher, vacuum power can also be a huge help. Bagging up all those leaves you've wrangled from around the yard is much easier with a vacuum. Just be sure to consider whether the blower you have chosen has anti-clogging capabilities.

Power anyone?

With powerful 4-cycle engines, there's plenty of power to go around for your leaf blowing needs.  With air speeds well over 200 miles per hour, you can make short work of even the toughest challenges Mother Nature can dish out.

A wide variety of uses

In addition to blowing leaves in a pile, vacuuming them up and mulching them into smaller pieces, your leaf blower can be a rather versatile addition to your yard cleaning arsenal year round.  In the spring and summer your blower converts effortlessly into a driveway and walkway sweeper blowing unsightly grass cuttings back into the yard carrying nutrients with it.

In the winter, when the leaves have all been efficiently disposed of, your leaf blower can continue to serve as a snowblower by clearing snow.  A light snow on the drive is alright by itself, but once you drive on it the snow can pack down and then be brought into the garage on your tires.  You can use your leaf blower to send those soft flakes out into the yard.  For the walkway, the warmer air generated by the motor of your leaf blower can melt a light snow eliminating the need for salt or other melting agents that can tracked inside to ruin carpets and tiles.

When considering the purchase of a new gas-powered leaf blower, take additional time to understand the value of the vacuum and mulching capabilities.  You'll be pleasantly delighted with the all-around versatility of your gas leaf blower /vacuum/mulcher.

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