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Feel flirty and comfortable in the perfect panties

A lady's outfit is only as good as her undergarments, and panties are no exception. Yesterday's girdles have given way to today's innovations with panties that tuck, smooth and disappear beneath clothing. Sears offers a broad range of cuts, colors and materials that can cover as much or as little as you like. Say goodbye to uncomfortable elastics and scratchy laces and give yourself the softness you deserve. The right lingerie will help you achieve a flawless silhouette beneath any outfit while staying comfortable all day long.

Different outfits call for different styles of panties. Trendy low-rise jeans don't have to play peek-a-boo with your underwear if you choose hip-hugging boyshorts or hipsters. Like the classic bikini, these fits are comfortable enough to wear all day and are often available with matching bras. Slinky evening wear that's fitted through the hips, like the classic little black dresses, will pair well with the invisible lines of a thong or similar cut. You can find "no-line" panties in a variety of other styles as well. If full coverage is your idea of comfort, pick up a pair of briefs for a fit that comes up to your navel. Some briefs even feature tummy-tucking panels for a smoothing fit.

From silken knits to breathable cotton, panties come in many different materials. Cotton breathes for incredible comfort and is unparalleled in softness. For smoother lines beneath clothing, microfiber is sleek and flexible enough to wear to the gym or out for a night of dancing. Cotton blends give you the best of both worlds, and the gentle sheen of satin and the delicate look of lace can be your little beauty secret. Comfort waistbands and stretch fabrics will prevent pinching and unsightly red lines caused by seams. Don't forget to take care when lingerie washing to keep delicate fabrics from snagging or pulling out of shape.

When you pair your panties with other intimate apparel from Sears, you can build the perfect foundation for any fashion from the bottom up. Get an extra tummy tuck, eliminate back creases and slim your thighs with shapewear. The sleekest possible silhouette comes from picking the right slips and camisoles to erase lingering panty lines. Our nylons and hosiery give a classic line or flirtatious edge to business suits or girls-night-out looks. When you're ready to settle in for the night, our pajamas and robes will cradle you in comfort. We have everything you need to look your best around the clock.

Panties can be everything from practical to delightful. Mix and match colors and styles to express yourself and ensure you have the right pair for every outfit. From time-honored brands like Vanity Fair to vogue collections by Kim Kardashian, we give you the best options for all tastes.



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