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Men's blue jeans from Sears never fade away

When you head into the closet for a pair of pants, chances are you'll walk out wearing a pair of your favorite jeans. A well-fitting pair of blue jeans is the secret weapon in your wardrobe arsenal because you can dress them up or dress them down as appropriate for any occasion. Working around the house, tinkering in the garage or working in the yard? Wear a sleeveless tee or tank top with your jeans to stay cool while you work. Meeting up with friends for a drink? Pair a mens sweater and jeans for a classic relaxed-night-out combination. You can even go semi-formal by wearing jeans with a fitted long-sleeve shirt and dressy sport coat. With a little imagination, there's almost no situation where a great pair of jeans is a bad fashion choice.

Levi Strauss first designed jeans to be long-lasting, durable pants for tough work conditions, and not much has changed since then. Our collection of mens jeans sold by Levi Strauss, Wrangler, David Taylor, Southpole and other makers feature tough denim fabric, multi-sewn seams and riveted construction so you can count on them to last. No style comes closer to the classic original style than Levis jeans. Levi's 501 style features the button fly, flat front, and straight-legged fit that made them a durable necessity for working men and a fashion staple for decades.

Jeans look good when they're new, but they look even better as they age. The classic color for jeans is a uniform dark blue. As you wear them, classic blue jeans fade in certain spots like the knees, pockets and tops of the thighs, creating interesting patterns and developing more character the longer you wear them. You can still buy mens jeans in uniform blue, but Sears also carries a huge selection of colors for mens jeans as a modern alternative. Choose from black, brown, and grey in addition to half a dozen shades of blue from navy to light. You can also choose stonewashed blues that have a cool vintage style, delivering that aged look up front without having to wait. Find work overalls in the same variety of colors with the protective durability you need.

Fashions change, and while one year it's all about the loose-fit jeans, next year everyone is wearing skinny jeans. Classic straight-leg shapes like 501s never go out of style, though, and transcend trends and seasons. They look just as much at home with light summer wear like plain cotton tees as they do with mens outerwear like leather jackets and peacoats.

Sears is the place to find jeans that fit men of every build and size. Our wide selection doesn't just cover jeans, either; from big and tall dress shirts to short mens activewear, all sizes and styles can be found right here in the men's clothing department of Sears.



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