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Shop for petites that fit your body type

Let's face it, it's not easy to find clothes that fit when you're a petite woman. You're probably close friends with your local tailor or know your way around a sewing machine quite well by now. Luckily, Sears has a huge selection of petites to choose from so your days of constantly picking up hemlines are over. Instead of having your tailor customize your whole closet, shop petite tops, bottoms and outerwear that feels like it's custom made.

While you may think that bottoms are the only garments that make a difference when it comes to petites, think again. Petite women tend to have shorter torsos and arms, and narrower shoulders than women who wear regular sizes. Especially when it comes to petite suit sets and other fitted tops, sizing makes a difference. Show off your body with a top that's cut to your body type. Oversized tops aren't cute, so wear shirts and sweaters that are meant to fit your smaller frame from Sears.

Rolling your sleeves on a sweatshirt, jacket or a blazer can ruin the look of the outfit. Blazers shouldn't sit near your hips, so if you have a small torso and you wear a regular women's blazer, it will be too long. Regular juniors' plus size clothing tends to fit smaller women, but it's not always age appropriate, especially if you're looking for work outfits. So instead of trying to fit into clothing that isn't made for your body type, Sears has outerwear that is tailored to your petite frame.

Constantly taking every new pair of pants to your tailor to shorten the hemline adds cost onto your purchase. When you shop Sears' selection of petite bottoms you'll find trendy pants, skirts, shorts and capris that are perfectly proportioned for your body. Just like maternity clothing is designed for a growing baby bump, petite skirts are short, accommodating smaller legs. Find all the bottoms you need to match your petite tops and jackets.

Find the petite women's clothing without sacrificing style. Just because you shop in a different section doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Sears has a huge selection of tops and bottoms that follow all the current trends so your closet will always be full of items you love to wear.




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