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Backpacks make carrying styling and convenient for everyday use

Everyone uses a backpack: kids, teenagers, college students and even business professionals. Backpacks aren't just for the kids to carry their books and homework to and from school. Backpacks carry your laptop, papers and portfolios, gym clothes, and anything else you might need throughout the day.

Sears has a selection of backpacks to fit any purpose. From rolling backpacks to messenger bags to suitcases, you'll find the bag you're looking for. Sears carries top-rated backpacks from brands you trust like High Sierra, Luggage by O, Broad Bay, Everest and more. Backpacks last for several years, so you want to make sure you get as much use of them as possible.

Rolling backpacks are good for kids and adults who have a lot of heavy books or other times to carry, and would rather not hurt their backs. Rolling backpacks are also good if you are carrying something that needs to stay leveled and secure. However, if you prefer not to have all the weight directly on your back, but do not want to roll a backpack behind you, you might consider one of our many messenger bags to sling over your shoulder. Messenger bags are useful for quick access and carrying lighter items, like laptops and a few books and papers. Carrying any amount of weight on your back and shoulders can hurt, so make sure your backpack has supportive cushioned straps.

Kids go through backpacks faster than adults do due to age, style and the amount of use, and Sears has a large selection of kids' backpacks and messenger bags for the growing style of your child. Whether your child wants a backpack of a cute animal's face from Sassafras Enterprises, a tie dye design backpack from Melissa & Doug, or backpacks of their favorite characters from Disney or Hello Kitty, Sears has great backpacks for your son or daughter.

Backpacks can be great for overnight stays, but for longer trips away from home, you'll want to consider looking for suitcases at Sears. From uprights and carry-ons to luggage sets and duffel bags, Sears carries suitcases and bags of various sizes for those long vacations or just a weekend getaway.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or your kids, browse Sears's backpacks so you and the family can keep your hands free and carry everything you need in one place. Browse through Sears backpack selection today.


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