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Messenger bags free your hands so you can do more during your day

Carrying your things shouldn't keep your hands full, instead, free your hands with a messenger bag from Sears. Messenger bags sling over your shoulder and across your chest and rest comfortably on your lower back. Sears carries a variety of messenger bags made of different materials like canvas, leather, nylon and more. These messenger bags are durable for carrying heavy books, laptops, notebooks, or just carrying your wallet and other bulky items.

If you'd rather carry a backpack, Sears has adult backpacks of different sizes and colors so you'll find one to fit your personality. From brands like Luggage by O, Oliver & James, Rockland Fox Luggage and more, Sears has top-rated backpacks sturdy enough to last for years. Whether you're going to school or going to work, carrying your bag across your shoulder or on your back will clear up your hands so you can do other things, like hold a coffee mug or water bottle. Sears has a selection of backpacks and messenger bags with logos of your favorite sports teams, musical groups and more. Choose a messenger bag with designs or something solid colored to match your personality and style.

If you're looking for something more precise, consider laptop cases to hold and to protect your personal computer. Laptop cases come as either sleeves that slide over your laptop or as carrying cases that have pockets to hold cables and other laptop accessories, like a mouse or headphones. Laptop cases don't have to be boring; Sears offers laptops in different styles and colors. There are laptop briefcases with and without shoulder straps. You can also pull your laptop case behind you using a rolling laptop case. Women can use her laptop tote as a functioning purse. With designs from Luggage by O, Royce Leather, McKlein and others, women are sure to find a fashionable and versatile laptop carrying tote.

Although if you are looking to carry more than just your laptop with you anywhere, especially on a plane, you might need some carry-on luggage to get you through your trip. Sears has carry-on luggage of various shapes and sizes to hold everything you need without checking in your bag at the airport. Find brands you trust like American Tourister, Samsonite, Heys USA and more at Sears.

Whether you're looking to carry something across your shoulder like a messenger bag or on your back like a backpack, you'll find what you need at Sears.


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