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Juniors Plus Clothing

Make juniors' plus size suits your go-to outfit

As long as it fits, suits are the perfect outfit for anyone. Whenever you're not quite sure what to wear, Juniors' plus size suits are a classic choice. Wear your suit to an interview or to a charity event. It's almost always appropriate, and on top of that, it looks great. Juniors' plus size suits are meant to fit your curves and give you a slimming look.

Blazers make up the top portion of your suit set. As a junior, your body is constantly changing and is rarely the same size for long. What's great about juniors' plus size blazers is that it's easy for a tailor to take in or let out certain areas, so that you always have the perfect fit. Buy one and it'll last you for years. Sears has blazers in the classic slimming colors like gray, navy and black. For a trendy way to add color to your more casual outfits, pick up a brightly colored blazer to wear out on the town with your girlfriends.

Dress pants are another staple item to have in your closet. When matched with a nice blouse, they give you a mature look that's hard to beat. You'll look clean-cut and, with a hemline that's perfectly aligned with your favorite heels you'll look fabulous too. Showing up to a job interview in juniors' leggings and a tunic might be comfortable, but it's not appropriate, and you won't be taken seriously as a candidate. Stand tall and proud in a pair of juniors' plus size dress pants from Sears.

On a hot summer day, a skirt can be just as comfortable as a pair of gym shorts. Skirts are appropriate for a summer internship in an office or a Sunday church event. Pencil skirts in particular are extremely slimming they give you a long and lean look. While you may think adding a matching blazer makes you look short, it can actually help define your waist, which shows off your curves and elongates your body. This is the same for other juniors' and women's coordinates.

Everyone needs a little black dress and a suit set while it's easy to overlook these staple items in your wardrobe you'll be happy you have them. You never know when your dream interview could come your way. Prepare yourself with juniors' plus size suit sets from Sears.