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      Whether or not you plan on breastfeeding your baby, you'll need a nursing bra and other intimates. After the baby is born, your body knows that it's time to produce milk. If you wear regular women's clothing tops without a nursing camisole after your baby is born, you run the risk of leaking during lactation. Sears has intimates like nursing gowns and pajamas, bras and other accessories to support you while you're still producing breast milk. With all the new changes in your life, nursing intimates and other items help you feel comfortable and confident all day long.

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      Nursing camisoles and other intimates for comfort day and night

      Whether you plan on breastfeeding or using formula, it's important to get nursing intimates for the postpartum period when you're still producing milk. Nursing bras are similar to maternity bras, as they both provide extra support for your growing breast, more clasps and wider shoulder straps to decrease stress on the upper back. For added convenience wear a nursing top so that you can comfortably breast feed without removing your shirt. If you're buying your nursing bras ahead of time, make sure your bra fits comfortably on the tightest clasp, that way when your breast grow you'll grow into your new nursing bra comfortably.

      New moms know that sleep is hard to come by once the baby is born. To make it easier on yourself during those middle-of-the-night feedings, pick up a few pairs of nursing pajamas. These pjs, unlike most maternity intimates can be worn after breastfeeding because they look just like normal pajama sets.

      If you decide to stick with your regular intimates during your postpartum period, enlist the help of nursing intimate accessories to make your life a little easier. Bra pads slip into your cup to soak up any leakage from your breasts. Another way to hang onto your favorite maternity bra is to add an extender to accommodate the growth you've acquired during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Items like maternity swimwear and nursing intimates aren't necessary but they make your life a little easier in an already hectic time of your life. Sears has all of the nursing intimates you need spend precious mealtime moments with your newborn.


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