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      Shop for big and tall swimwear at Sears

      It's important to find swimwear that fits. Once the bathing suit gets wet, if the waist band is too loose, you'll find yourself constantly pulling them up. Big and tall swimwear is made to fit your waistline and give you the extra length you need. Sears has big and tall swim trunks in a variety of cool colors and patterns including graphics, solids and specialty logos that will suit your style.

      If you love graphic tees, you'll love graphic swim trunks that feature hibiscus prints and bold lines. These printed swim trunks are ideal for casually lounging in the sun with an ice cold drink. Printed swim trunks add a little bit of your personality to your swim wear. Graphic prints are extremely popular and look great on nearly all different regular, big and tall and men's short swimwear sizes. Graphic print swim trunks, a t-shirt and sandals are the perfect carefree vacation outfit even if you're not actually on vacation.

      For a simple, always stylish look, go with a solid color pair of swim trunks. Choose a color that suits your skin tone or sport your favorite team colors. Either way, big and tall bathing suits are made to fit your body. Sears has trunks that feature adjustable waistbands with drawstrings to loosen or tighten to fit your waist comfortably. Skip the young men's swimwear that you've been wearing for season after season and pick-up a new pair of trunks for this upcoming summer.

      Specialty logos are the perfect pair of swim trunks to wear to a luau or beach party alike. Sears has a variety of logo prints for you to choose from so you can show everyone at the party what your favorite brand is. If you love logo prints, check out our selection of swim trunks that feature your favorite beer company's design. They're the perfect conversation piece to help break the ice at a party. Just toss a lei around your neck, pair with sandals and your pool party outfit is as simple as that. Logo trunks may not be something you buy a large quantity of, like big and tall underwear, but it's a great item to have stocked away for an end-of-summer pool party.

      Find the perfect pair of swim trunks that accommodate your height and weight. Sears has big and tall swim trunks with drawstrings and extended hemlines, so you're carefree and always ready to have some fun in the sun.


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