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Young men's suits and separates that are formal event approved

Too often you hear your son saying things like, "I don't have anything to wear," especially to formal events. With his constantly changing body, what fit last year may be too tight to wear again for the upcoming wedding or school dance seasons. Whether it's to a wedding, church or to a nice restaurant, you want your teen to look good for the setting. So help him by investing in a new suit, sport coat, blazer or suit separates.

There's no guesswork involved with trying to line up a similar color pair of pants and jacket. Suit sets give him the option wear it together, or wear them separately. Jackets can be worn with jeans or khakis to create a casual look. Make sure to give him a young men's shirt that is more formal to wear with his outfit, so he stays within the same overall style of the jacket. Pants can be worn solo, as well. He doesn't always need to wear a full suit to every formal event. Suit sets help him build his formal wardrobe and give him the tools to create different outfits.

Not every formal event calls for a full suit set. Often all you need is a sport coat or blazer and a pair of young men's pants like khakis, maybe even jeans depending on how casual the event is. What's great about separate coats is that they can be paired with jeans and a t-shirt. Coats help his outfit double as a casual-cool ensemble for him to wear out with friends or even on a date. Help him make a good first impression with a tailored, stylish outfit.

For a day out on the golf course, a pair of khakis may be appropriate, but for an interview or more formal event he may need slacks. Sears has dress pants in black, navy, gray and tan so he can find the shade that suits him best. During the warm summer months, it's appropriate to go to formal events without suit jackets. Considering young men don't grow equally, you may want to start with just a suit jacket. Wait until his growth spurts start to slow to purchase a suit set. Once he has dress pants he can rely on, all you have to do is purchase young men's dress socks and hope he doesn't forget to wear them.

You never know when a fancy social event will pop up in his social calendar, or when he'll decide to tell you about it. Keep a suit or suit separates on hand so he'll always have an outfit he can rely on to look suave and stylish.

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