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Short men's swim trunks made for summer fun

Short men's swim trunks are ideal for summer activities. We know that you love to jump, dive and swim in the water. With short men's swim trunks that are too big, you run the risk of your trunks slipping below your waist as you dive into the deep end. Find swim trunks that fit your inseam when you shop at Sears.

Solid print swim trunks are easy to match. Go with black, white or any color that shows off your personality. Fit is important when it comes to swim trunks and other bottoms like short men's underwear. Often, it doesn't make sense to take swim trunks into the tailor because you don't wear the same pair often enough. When bottoms are too big, you end up constantly having to pull them up. This summer, don't just lounge poolside worrying about bottoms that don't fit. Dive, splash and swim as much as you want to when you have swim trunks that fit.

When you wear short men's activewear that doesn't fit, especially while you're playing sports, it's distracting. Running, diving and doing cannonballs in the deep-end call for apparel that fits. So when you're filling up your summer wardrobe this season, pick swim trunks that fit your inseam and waist. Sears has printed swim trunks that not only fit, but look cool too. Find prints like skulls and other cool images that truly speak to who you and what your personal style is.

If you love prints, then graphic designs will surely peak your interest. Find full surf scenes that are perfect for hitting the beach. Board shorts and other beach swim trunks have tie or button front clasps so that the waistband stays put. This is great for hitting the waves with your surfboard or swimming from one end of the pool to another. You'll be so exhausted from the days' activities that when you get home you'll be ready to hit the sack. Stock up on short men's sleepwear so you can go from beach to bed comfortably with clothes that fit.

It's important for every man to own at least one pair of swim trunks. You never know when your buddies will throw a poolside party or you'll be invited to a bonfire on the beach. Prepare yourself with water-appropriate clothing that fits from Sears.


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