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Big and tall sock sizes that fit your feet

If you're above a size 13, then you probably have trouble finding socks in the regular size men's section. Sears carries socks for men's big and tall sizes. Find crew, athletic and diabetic compression socks to protect your feet throughout the day.

Crew socks are a great option for warmth and comfort. Especially during winter months, the thickness and coverage helps block the cold from chilling your ankles. The ribbed fabric allows breathing room and also gives the sock better shape retention. That way, even after multiple washes, your socks won't fall when you wear them. This classic sock will never go out of style because they're just as practical as they are comfortable. Crew socks are loved by both men and women, and even adult and young men's socks alike include a selection. They aren't the most fashionable when paired with shorts and sandals but they're the perfect design to wear under a pair of pants and closed toe shoes.

Athletic socks come up to your ankle. Depending on what height you choose, they may or may not be visible when worn with shoes. Big and tall activewear is designed to fit your tall or wide body and big and tall socks are no different. They accommodate wider and longer feet so that you feel comfortable when you're active. Athletic socks are made with a thicker bottom and a thinner top than regular socks. This gives you extra cushion on the ball and heel of your foot and breathability to release sweat on top. That way, when your feet start to sweat the moisture is wicked away from the foot and out into the fabric.

If you're a diabetic experiencing swollen feet, compression socks are designed to reduce swelling and increase circulation. Make sure to talk to a doctor before wearing them, as this garment may not be the right treatment for every diabetic patient experiencing swollen feet. Compression socks aren't only used to reduce swelling, in fact, some athletes decide to skip the regular men's socks and wear compression socks when they play sports. It's said that compression socks help athletes reduce cramping and lactic acid and increase oxygen. Increased oxygen and blood flow helps you prevent soreness, decrease recovery time and helps you stay energized throughout your workout. Whether you're an athlete looking to up your game or a patient searching for a remedy to swollen feet, Sears has compression socks in big and tall sizes.

Big and tall socks accommodate sizes that regular men's departments don't. Find a variety of sizes at Sears so that you don't have to squeeze into a smaller pair that doesn't fit.


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