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      Slip into comfort with men's slippers from Sears

      Your feet keep you moving throughout the day. You want to take care of them as soon as you get home and when you change into a pair of men's slippers, you can finally start to relax. Sears offers a wide variety of slipper styles to suit your needs. Whether you prefer low-style men's moccasin slippers or ankle-high slippers, find the high quality shoes to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

      Men's moccasin slippers are designed for comfort and functionality. Each one offers a fleece insole to surround your tired foot with softness. The attractive suede exterior of the slipper gives you multipurpose shoes: You can wear them both indoors and outdoors. These slippers also have rubber soles so you can brave wet weather without slipping. With this option in men's slippers, you can maintain style after you've traded in your oxfords for the day. Whichever color you choose, you're one step closer to ultimate relaxation.

      You also can choose men's slippers with a higher ankle, which will be soothing after a long jog to break in your running shoes or when you've spent all day on your feet at the office. With many options in wool, warmth surrounds your foot and ankle. Like men's moccasin slippers, this shoe offers a toasty, softly cushioned insole. Slipper socks also cover the ankle, providing warmth and comfort with a leather sole and the look of a sock. Available in both argyle and solid colors, a slipper with a high ankle helps you relax instantly.

      For a shoe that is easy to slip into, opt for backless or low-ankle slippers. These shoes are perfect if you need to take some pressure off of your ankles. Many of the low-ankle options in men's slippers offer flexible soles to provide you with more movement. You also can find options with memory foam insoles that mold perfectly to your foot. For the best of both worlds, you can purchase men's moccasin slippers in the style of low-ankle loafers. Whatever your style preferences are, you'll find plenty of great options.

      Your feet get a workout every day and they deserve some pampering. Rest your feet in the warmth of men's moccasin slippers, slipper socks or other comfortable footwear from Sears. Get ready for tomorrow by relaxing tonight with a comfortable pair of men's slippers.


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