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      Get the most from your workout by wearing the right men's athletic shoes

      Whether you're a casual walker or a fitness fanatic, men's athletic shoes are an important component of your exercise gear. Sears has all of the styles you need to help keep you moving. Whether your sport of choice is hiking, jogging, basketball or hitting the gym, find the right men's walking shoes and sneakers for your workout.

      Some people assume that men's athletic shoes are all the same. Just as men's dress shoes come in different styles, the same holds true for athletic shoes. When it comes to men's walking shoes and men's running shoes, the differences are important. A walking shoe is lightweight and flexible with moderate cushioning. Running is a higher impact exercise so it requires a different type of shoe. A running shoe has a rigid insole and more cushioning, which runners need to absorb the impact when the foot hits the ground. For boxing and martial arts, look for a streamlined, lightweight and very flexible shoe with minimal padding. This type of shoe lets you grip the ground for better balance and solid footing.

      If basketball is your preferred game, you need flexibility. From activewear to athletic shoes, you need apparel that allows you to move easily, dodge your opponents and handle the basketball with precision. Like men's walking shoes, basketball shoes should be lightweight but they need to provide more support than a walking shoe. High-top and mid-top sneakers allow you to run, pivot and move quickly, while providing good traction and ankle support.

      If you enjoy exercising at the gym, cross trainers are a great choice for your men's athletic shoes. These shoes give you support at the ankle and have extra cushioning where you need it. Cross trainers let you go from one activity to the next without having to change shoes. That means you can wear them to an aerobics class and then hop on the treadmill without missing a beat. This versatile style also can be used outdoors as a men's walking shoe.

      Choosing the proper men's athletic shoes depends on your exercise preferences. Sears has shoes with the support you need in the styles you want, no matter your activity. Whether you're looking for men's walking shoes, shoes for a specific sport or fashion sneakers, you'll find a wide selection from the brands you trust to find just the right fit.


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