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      Choose the right women's athletic shoes for your lifestyle

      If you are a runner, walker, softball player or cross trainer, you already know that not all women's athletic shoes are created equally. Different shoes are designed for different activities. Women's wide athletic shoes that are made for walking are not the same as wide running shoes, which have different stabilization and cushioning features. For your safety and comfort it is important to pick the right shoes with the correct support and cushioning for your sport or activity. Sears has styles for almost any activity that you take part in.

      As you shop for women's athletic shoes it is important to choose the right shoe to suit your favorite activity. If you like to walk for exercise, look for a women's walking shoe. The walking shoe is lightweight and flexible, and follows the way that your foot bends as you take steps. Walking shoes also give you additional arch support. Shoes made for running have extra cushioning and more shock absorption. Running shoes are built to stabilize your foot as you run. Runners and walkers will like our selection of vests and jackets for cooler weather, and our shorts and moisture-wicking t-shirts for warmer climates.

      Some sports, like baseball and softball, require special women's athletic shoes. Women's cleats give you better traction in mud and dirt and are ideal for maximizing control on the field. They enable you to run faster between the bases, turn with more ease and stop more quickly. Choose from specialty sport shoes in regular and wide widths to improve your footwork, and opt for hats to shield your eyes from the sun and improve your sight lines.

      For many people, running errands can take up a good block of the day. Women's running shoes aren't necessarily needed for these types of activities, but a fashion sneaker is a perfect choice. Select from a wide variety of regular and wide athletic shoes in prints and vivid colors that will brighten your day. Pair them with jeans and a comfortable top and your outfit will be both fashionable and functional.

      The right shoe should be comfortable, provide adequate support and fit correctly. Sears carries a large selection of women's athletic shoes in a range of sizes and widths so you can find the perfect shoe with the perfect fit.


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