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      Cool off your laptop with computer cooling accessories

      Do you own a powerful gaming laptop that overheats as you play, or does your desk not provide enough airflow to cool off the laptop as you work? Whether you use power-intensive software or need a cool surface for your laptop, Sears has hundreds of cooling fans and pads to keep your laptop cool as you play and work. We even have CPU coolers and fans for your desktop computers, so you can protect your internal components from overheating while using Photoshop or playing one more level in your video game.

      All laptops and desktop computers have built-in cooling fans to protect the units from heat damage, but they have to work overtime when you use programs and software that require additional power from the CPU or the graphics card. Placing your computer on your lap reduces the airflow and blocks the fan from working correctly. Using lap desks helps the fan work properly while keeping your lap cool as you surf the Internet. Some lap desks have built-in fans, helping to cool your laptop while improving airflow beneath the computer.

      Depending on the size of your laptop, you may only need a cooling pad with one fan. For gaming laptops and office computers that run 3D-accelerated software, consider cooling pads with grated surfaces and multiple fans. It also helps to adjust the fans near the vents on the bottom of your laptop to improve the air circulation. Laptop chargers also overheat as you work, so consider placing your charger on a bare surface that doesn't retain heat, such as a hardwood or a tiled floor. Combining a cooling pad with an external fan reduces your computer's temperature and improves its performance.

      Investing in a cooling fan or a pad prevents your computer from an unexpected shutdown or a crash from overheating. You can use some cooling pads as laptop docking stations since they provide more USB ports for connecting external peripherals like hard drives and speaker systems. Cooling fans typically operate at the same noise level as your computer's internal fan, and some cooling pads feature colorful LED lights that add a stylized glow to your laptop. With its lightweight design, you can transport your laptop and the cooling pad together easily from room to room.

      Protect your computer from crashes due to overheating with a computer cooling pad, and invest in a lap desk to improve the airflow beneath your laptop. Place your laptop charger on a bare floor to prevent overheating as you work, and get access to more USB ports with a laptop docking station. Shop Sears' online inventory for the best selection of cooling accessories for your home and office computers.


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