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Transform your laptop into a powerful desktop computer with laptop docking stations from Sears. We have a full inventory of docking stations with multiple USB and VGA ports for connecting extra peripherals and accessories like external hard drives and secondary monitors. Laptop docking stations fit easily on most computer stands, and some even offer onboard graphic cards for increasing your laptop's power for working with Photoshop and other graphically intensive programs. Whether you work at home or in the office, a laptop docking station from Sears increases your computer's functionality and improves your workflow.

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Enhance your computers with laptop docking stations

Laptop docking stations come in handy for creating a unified workstation at your desk. Sears carries a variety of laptop docking stations and docks for your tablet computers and iPhones. A laptop docking station fits conveniently on any work desk, and it gives you access to components like USB ports and VGA connectors. If you stay on the go, install a docking mount for your iPhone in the car. It lets you access Google Maps and other apps easily within reach.

Docking stations work well in office environments when you need access to external peripherals like monitors while working on your laptop. Just connect your laptop onto the docking station and use its ports for connecting to external monitors, hard drives and other computer accessories. A laptop only has a few USB ports for connecting devices such as keyboards, mice and computer cooling accessories, but you have to disconnect them each time you transport your laptop. With a laptop docking station, you leave all of your accessories plugged in and just disconnect your laptop when it's time to go.

Some docking stations include components like high-end graphics cards that expand your laptop into a powerful desktop computer. Since most docking stations include USB/PS2 and VGA ports, you can fold your laptop in a way that lets you view your screen on an external monitor. Because it takes a lot of power to run, plugging in an external monitor directly into your laptop's VGA port can cause the GPU to overheat. Using the docking station prevents overheating that causes automatic shutdowns. Some portable notebook docking stations come with cooling fans, and they fit conveniently in carrying cases alongside your laptops and accessories.

Another advantage of using a docking station is that it charges your laptop as you work. You don't need to carry extra laptop chargers with you to the office or on the go, which creates room in your laptop bag for carrying other accessories like desktop webcams and ergonomic keyboards. We have docking stations for both Windows laptops and Apple MacBook computers, and you can even find 2-in-1 docking stations for connecting your tablet and smartphone on one device. When it comes to functionality and portability, a docking station proves useful for working at home or in the office.

Increase the power of your laptop with a laptop docking station. Keep your docking station cool as you work with a computer cooling pad, and carry your laptop and portable docking station easily in a durable laptop bag. Look to Sears for a better selection of affordable docking stations and other computer accessories for your laptop.


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