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Impress your bosses with both your presentation and your ingenuity at the next monthly meeting when you use a wireless presenter. These powerful devices are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can have a range of as much as 70 feet so that you can freely move around the conference room. Sleek and portable, these devices may also have an integrated laser pointer, and they often run on AAA battery power. Find a huge selection of wireless remote presenters at Sears as well as dependable laptops, keyboards and software programs to help make your presentation a hit.

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Master public speaking using wireless remote presenters

Making a presentation in front of a crowd is nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about technical glitches. Having all of your equipment in order before you start minimizes the risk of problems and ensures that everyone has a clear view. Wireless remote presenters give you the freedom to move around the room, keeping everyone's attention as you cycle through your pictures, slides or videos. Give your next presentation a boost with one of these handy devices from Sears.

Think about the last presentation you gave. Chances are, you had a laptop or portable device and projector to deal with, meaning you had to return to a table or podium every time you wanted to change slides. Having to fiddle around with mice is even worse, since it locks you to your laptop for the entire presentation. This distracts the audience and throws off the flow of your presentation, potentially undermining the point you're trying to make. Going wireless will change the way you make presentations. A wireless presenter works like a remote control, so you can switch between visuals without having to stay in one place the entire time. Walking around the room helps relieve tension and gives you a better connection to the audience.

All you have to do to get started with a wireless presenter is plug a small receiver into your laptop's USB port. With simple controls similar to those on the remote for your TV or DVD player, these devices are easy to learn to use and require little attention during your presentation, allowing you to stay focused on what you're saying. There's no complicated setup to worry about, and the entire device tucks easily into your laptop bag or briefcase along with your various computer accessories.

Some wireless remote presenters, such as those from Logitech, may include a laser pointer as part of the device. This gives you even more freedom in your presentations by allowing you to point out specific parts of a slide or chart from anywhere in the room. Talking your audience through difficult concepts is easier when you can address them directly, and they're more likely to pay attention if you're engaged with them rather than standing stiffly in front of a screen. Moving from place to place also means that you can project your voice better, which is helpful if you lack amplification, such as a PA system or computer speakers.

Being able to relax during a public presentation is essential if you're one of the many people who fears public speaking. Wireless remote presenters make it easier to work the room, be present with the audience and get your point across without interruption. Check out Sears online or in store for a variety of options to make your next presentation flow smoothly.


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