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      Receive the benefits of non-PC laptops and tablets with open-source software

      If you're feeling constrained by a device with a proprietary operating system, then it may be time to make the switch to a non-PC laptop or tablet from Sears. Our selection of open-source devices gives you freedom from things like mandatory vendor updates or upgrades and gives you the opportunity to take control of your device. When your device operates on a Linux, Unix or Jelly Bean system, improved security and software without licensing fees can make the switch to an open-source laptop or tablet a simple decision.

      One of the best and most popular reasons to switch from a device with PC software to a device with open-source software is cost effectiveness. If you've ever owned a PC, then you know about the hidden costs of security software, upgrades and licensing fees. It seems like every couple months, something pops up on your screen suggesting you hand over a few more hard-earned dollars for another upgrade. An open-source laptop or tablet from Sears would reduce those security costs and fees. Say goodbye to mandatory virus protection and hello to more monthly savings with open source.

      Another added benefit of a device with open-source software is better security. You'd a think privately developed, proprietary software would have better security, but that isn't the case at all. The basic principle of open source allows more developers to spot potential security problems and immediately fix them. If there's a flaw, it's fixed much quicker. It doesn't take weeks to secure vulnerabilities and doesn't leave your device susceptible to bugs and viruses any longer than necessary, like with some laptops and desktop PCs.

      If you're a small business owner, an open-source system is an excellent option for you. Along with the low cost and added security, an open-source laptop or tablet provides the freedom and flexibility to customize a device (or set of devices) to suit the needs of your business. Along with being more customizable, open-source devices have support options that proprietary systems just don't have. Online communities, support chats and forums are available to give you the solutions you need. So, instead of being constrained to the rules of proprietary software on an ultrabook, you can open up your business to the possibilities of open-source software on a device from Sears.

      Why have a laptop or tablet that operates on a proprietary system designed by a handful of people, when you can have a device that operates on an open-source system designed and perfected by many developers? Sears carries the non-PC laptops and open-source devices you need to help keep costs down and make your user experience easier and more secure.


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