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      Sears carries laptops, monitors, printers and more for mobile computing

      So your daily MO is go-go-go: You're certainly not alone. Not one to confine your activities to a desk, there's still a lot you need to accomplish using your computer. Between board meetings, appointments, errands and family responsibilities, you can manage everything your dynamic schedule demands with a mobile computer and supporting equipment from Sears. From laptops, tablets and computer components to carrying cases, printer paper and ink cartridges, we offer a full range of supplies to keep you on the move while completing your never ending to-do's. You'll get quality on top of convenience with products from Dell, HP, Samsung and other first-rate brands.

      Whether you're an executive toting a laptop to work or a student with a lightweight ultrabook, Sears has mobile computers that fit your particular needs. We carry all-in-one PCs perfect for home use or dorm room desktops, plus components with the latest LED displays and wireless technology to supplement or upgrade your existing computer setup. Even businesses configured with multiple laptops, computer servers and high-production printers can keep their offices well equipped and their employees working remotely when they shop our mobile computers.

      Your laptop connects you to everything, including smartphones, media players, digital cameras and HD camcorders - all the gadgets you use every day to enhance your life online and off. So make sure the equipment you connect to your laptop is the latest from Sears that features the sharpest images and the fastest function. Expand the real estate of your laptop screen with a crisp, clear LED monitor. Hook up an all-in-one printer that copies, scans, and prints documents or photos. Add a hard drive for extra storage, a modem for wireless Internet, or an auxiliary keyboard for ergonomic comfort.

      Of course, when it comes to mobile computing, don't forget the little things. A portable tablet offers the same virtual function you love, but in a book-size format. You can browse the Web and download your favorite movies, books and apps with these compact gadgets - perfect for taking the train to work or spending weekends at the beach. Sears carries a wide selection of tablets, each one optimized for a certain task, so you can pick the one that's best for you. For everyday use, it's hard to beat the Samsung Galaxy. This handy tablet contains the functions of a universal remote control, gaming station and private library all in one. Hardcore gamers, on the other hand, will appreciate the advanced quad-core 32GB processing power of the Google Nexus. The best tablets are available at great prices at Sears.

      From full-sized laptops to compact netbooks, Sears offers the right laptop for any lifestyle or use. Once you pick out the right laptop for you, don't stop at just a new computer; stock up on accessories like a wireless mouse, USB flash drives that let you store and move files, carrying cases, Webcams, batteries and speakers. Sears even keeps you stocked with printer paper, photo paper, toner and ink. It doesn't matter whether your looming task is a high-profile report for the boss or birthday party plans for the kids; any way you work on your laptop, Sears has you covered with mobile computing must-haves.


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