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Connect your computer to your TV with DVI or VGA cables from Sears

Laptop computers, by nature, lack real estate, and even the most spacious desktop monitors are no match for the scope of your flat-screen TV. Of course, you can watch video footage on a small screen, but you'll want a bigger display to truly enjoy the viewing experience. Get to know your computer's capability, and make sure you have the computer video cables you need to project video content via your TV picture. With DVI cables or VGA cables and other cable connectors from Sears, it's easy to link your laptop to your high-definition TV by plugging with a simple cord.

Your computer and your TV might include ports for various cables, including DVI, VGA and TV HDMI cables. The one you'll use depends on whether your components are equipped with digital or analog technology. Sears offers a wide variety of DVI cables that let your computer take advantage of the realistic digital picture produced by today's LCD monitors and flat-panel TV screens. If your computer is equipped with a card that uses digital video interface, you'll want a DVI cable between your computer and your display for faster signals and a clearer picture. Choose between DVI-D cables for all-digital signals, DVI-A for converting digital signals to analog, DVI-I integrated cables for use with either signal, and DVI-DL dual link cables reserved for high-resolution equipment.

If you're gaming or streaming movies, you'll get the sharpest visuals with digital signals, either through a capable DVI cable from Sears or the most recent HDMI technology. If you're working with older components, however, video graphics array might come into play. The most traditional type of video connection, VGA works with various monitors and TVs that incorporate cathode ray tube technology. It requires an extra step in the process, converting digital signals from your computer into analog. Most high-def TVs still come with a VGA port, letting you savor HD viewing through a standard analog connection.

Suppose your computer and your TV don't share the same input/output ports, or you prefer the time-tested benefits of analog displays; DVI-VGA converters make it possible for digital and analog components to cooperate. Sears can supply you with DVI-A adaptors for transmitting video from newer digital electronics to conventional analog equipment. Plus, you'll get color reproduction that's perfect for graphic arts, and rapid response time that's great for gaming. Supplement it with our composite video cables to further customize your workspace or home entertainment center.

You can invest in the latest digital technology, or you can work with the trusted equipment you've used for years. Either way, we'll provide you with the tools you need to link your computer and TV components for the best video viewing possible. Shop DVI cables or VGA cables from Sears to get your video rolling, from the conference room's PC and LCD display to your HDTV and laptop's Blu-ray.


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