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Buy replacement tablet batteries from Sears before you go on vacation. Do not get stranded in a foreign country without your gadget in tiptop working condition. Lenovo, V7 and Lenmar manufacture rechargeable batteries that you can slide right into the tablet's vacant slot. Remember also to keep tablet chargers on hand. There are adapters for the car as well as for direct connections to an outlet. It is usually a good idea to have a two-piece travel charger that detaches quickly. Stop messing with long cables that get kinks. A swift click lets you connect and disconnect with ease.

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Keep your device running longer with tablet batteries

Tablets are great devices, but they eat up power like nothing else. The coolest new apps only seem to make the problem even worse; they let you play awesome games or use advanced features like GPS and WiFi, but they drain your battery even faster. Eventually, your device will die out completely. Sears' tablet batteries locator makes it way easier to ensure that your device is always ready to go with a replacement or more powerful upgrade.

Make sure you find the right batteries, cases and eReader covers for your particular device. Manufacturers update their products with each edition. Old versions of batteries may not fit inside new devices or have the proper connectors to power them. Some batteries are made to last longer, but certain accessories can drain them faster.

Always be aware of your battery life when using devices like our CE Compass Wireless Audio Bluetooth A2Dp Music Receiver Adapters. These adapters let you connect wirelessly to your home speaker system and control playback and volume setting using normal Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a type of signal like any other, and it takes up battery energy. Your iPad or other tablet will drain a bit faster when it's sending your music over Bluetooth even though it's not powering the speakers directly. There are also range limitations to Bluetooth devices, but in most cases, you'll be fine if you stay within normal hearing distance. The USB-rechargeable batteries in these audio receivers make them the perfect match for your tablet computers and other devices with their own USB chargers, so you may be able to cut down on cables while traveling.

Add the right accessories to get the most functionality out of the limited battery life at your disposal. Make sure your device can support all the things you'd like to connect. Accessories like our CE Compass Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard work great with tablets, your kids' toy laptops and regular computers as long as they have Bluetooth functionality. They make it easy to type faster and work on bigger projects on the go by including a standard set of 78 keys. With the built-in power switch and connect button, it's also easier to save battery life by turning the features off when you're not using the device. Use the special keys to activate specific features on your iPad, or reprogram them for your own personal favorite wireless device.

Don't let your love of wireless devices stop you from using them as much as you really want to. Make sure that you have all of the extras and essentials to keep your eReader or tablet charged and running for as long as possible. Get the tablet batteries you need at Sears today.


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