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      Buying a Tablet

      While you may think all tablets are created alike, there are many varying features that will help you choose the one perfect for your needs. see more

      Tablets vs Laptops


      Tablets vs. Laptops

      Laptops offer a lot of memory and programs to help you get work done, but tablets are easily portable and can perform many basic functions when you are on vacation or simply on the go. read more

      Protection & Maintenance Tips



      Tablet Covers & Cases

      When it comes to tablets, perhaps there is no accessory more essential than a tablet cover. read more


      Tablet Screen Protectors

      A matte glare-reduction screen protector is perfect if you want to read or watch movies out in the sunshine or even indoors under bright light. read more

      Shop Computers at Sears

      Desktop computers allow you to do everything from running a business to playing great games. When you add the right accessories, you'll get a lot more enjoyment and use out of your machine. Here are a few of the most useful types of computer accessories you'll find at Sears.

      Upgrading your machine with new computer speakers will allow you to experience the full range of sound from all sorts of media. Whether you're listening to music, watching a video on YouTube or playing the latest game, it'll be a lot more enjoyable with the proper audio equipment. Separate speakers will give you the volume and depth of sound that simply can't be produced with the tiny built-in versions.

      If you love games, add a set of PC game controllers to your rig for the ultimate experience. Whether you want the lightning-fast response needed for the newest games or you need controllers that mimic the function of the ones that came with old-time consoles, you can find the perfect devices at Sears.

      Whether you use your computer for business or gaming, you're sure to love it if your machine works faster. One of the easiest and quickest ways to speed up a lagging PC is to add more RAM. Extra RAM memory allows computers to store more information for immediate access. A properly upgraded computer can seem like a whole new machine. This makes RAM one of the most rewarding investments you can make for your computer.

      By adding a good selection of accessories to your computer, you'll unlock better capabilities and make your time on the machine much more pleasurable. Shop at Sears to find all the accessories you need in one place.