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Embrace life on the go with tablets

Tablets let you take all of your important files with you wherever you go. Without having to be tethered to a PC or hindered by the bulk of a laptop, you can work anywhere, any time. Programs and apps designed for devices from Apple, Samsung and other common brands simulate a computer environment, so you'll always have what you need to get the job done. Sears stocks tablets with screen sizes up to 10" for maximum workspace and portability.

You'll be able to make the most out of your tablet once you master how to operate a touch screen. Both Android and Windows devices make use of touch-based navigation, with each operating system being designed to make tablet use an intuitive, responsive experience. Accessing programs and apps is easier if you use styluses. Equipped with a conductive tip and commonly shaped like pens, these tools are valuable additions to your tablet accessories. Using a stylus instead of your finger keeps smudges and spots from building up on the screen, so you can spend less time cleaning your tablet. You'll also be able to move faster from task to task, allowing for greater productivity and a smoother user experience. Kensington, Targus and other common brands offer styluses in a variety of colors to coordinate with your personal style.

The design of tablets is meant to make them easy to transport. Most models consist only of a screen and a tough plastic body, so you have to get used to inputting text using a digital keyboard. When you're just using your iPad to browse the Internet or play games, this is easy enough to master. However, tablet keyboards are good investments if you send a lot of e-mails or use your tablet as your primary device at your job. Invest in a tablet bundle from Kaser and you'll have a full keyboard at your disposal whenever you need it.

Like other portable devices, tablets run on battery power. Some things such as watching videos drain tablet batteries faster than others, so you'll want to stay on top of how much charge you have left depending on the type of work you'll be doing. You might be able to spend a few hours browsing the web with just a little bit of battery power, but if you're taking a long trip, make sure that everything is fully charged before you go. Should your device ever fail due to lack of power, Sears stocks replacement batteries as well as a variety of chargers for both tablets and ereaders.

With the ability to perform daily computing tasks wherever you are, you'll never miss another deadline. Tablets store your personal and business files in compact devices that you can carry to work, on vacation or even to the coffee shop. Take a look at what Sears has in stock and pick up a tablet that meets your personal needs.


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