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Work, play and jam out with a new tablet

Tablet technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Front and rear facing cameras, expandable storage and increased battery life have turned the tablet into a workhorse for people on the go. Pick a model with all of the features you need, so that your experience is personalized for your lifestyle. As you take your tablet with you throughout a busy day, it might undergo some wear and tear. Give your tablet added protection with a tablet cover and keep it safe in your bag as you make your way to work or class.

The variety of tablets available allows you to pick which operating system you're most comfortable with. Sears carries Samsung tablets that run Android systems. These will offer a similar feel to the way your Android smartphone looks and performs. For those more used to a home PC, you can pick up a Windows tablet so you have the familiar functions of your PC software with you at all times. If you store a high volume of pictures, music or files on your tablet, you can find tablets with expandable memory that can accept memory cards up to 128GB, so you'll never be without what you need.

Whether you're out pounding the pavement or playing a game while you watch your favorite show, a tablet lets you do it all. Shop at Sears for the complete tablet experience.

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