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What are Open Gas Burners?


An open gas burner offers a full gas flame that aims directly upward without a barrier or cap, evenly heating any pot or pan on your stovetop. Open gas burners are the more traditional of the two types of gas cooktop burners, with the newer sealed gas burners more recently making their way into the world of kitchen appliances.

Of course, newer does not always equate better, as an open gas flame provides a variety of benefits. Open burners can heat food rapidly with a direct heat. The output of heat per gas unit on an open burner is also more energy efficient than a sealed gas burner, potentially saving you money on your gas bill. Additionally, these open burner cooktops are built to last with a sturdy grate and drip pan.

There are a few limitations of open gas burners that may also affect your purchasing decision. Open gas burners can difficult to clean. Food can fall into the jets or get caught under the grates and drip pan. The removable grates are also heavy, making it more difficult to clean them.

Benefits of an open gas burner

  •  Heats food quickly with a direct flame
  •  Costs less than a sealed gas burner
  •  Saves money with energy efficiency
  •  Lasts for years with sustained durability