What are Sealed Gas Burners?


Sealed gas burners are cooktop burners that emit flames from below a protective cap instead of directing flame straight up to your cookware. The metal drip pan around the base of the burner is sealed, offering a protective barrier from food and grease. A sealed gas burner's indirect flame is not as efficient as that of an open gas burner, but the sealed burner can be much easier to clean.

Because the flame is protected, food and grease will not fall into or clog the burner holes. In order to clean the area surrounding the burner, you need only to wipe the built-in drip pan without worrying about food having fallen inside the gas cooktop. The burner cap also adds a sleek look to the burner area and is easy to remove and clean, keeping your stovetop looking tidy at all times. While sealed gas burners may not heat pans as quickly or efficiently, they offer aesthetic and practical benefits which can make them a worthwhile option.

Benefits of a sealed gas burner

  • Keeps splattered food, grease and cooking liquids out of the direct flame
  • Prevents the holes in the burner from clogging with food debris or grease
  • Simplifies cooktop cleaning