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What is a Bridge Element on a Cooktop?


A bridge element on a cooktop is a feature that allows you to link two separate burners together to create one large burner. Heat is distributed evenly across the two burners to create a single heat element. Much like a dual burner element, a bridge element has multiple settings so that you can choose whether to use a single burner or multiple burners. Found mostly on electric radiant cooktops, bridge elements ensure even cooking and eliminate hot and cold spots when using griddles and oblong or oversized pans.

Bridge elements are often used to cook foods like bacon or pancakes on long griddles. The even heat will ensure that all of the food will cook at the same pace. Bridge elements are also useful when you're making gravy with the juice from roasted poultry and other meats. Once you've removed the roast from the pan, you can place it over a bridge element and add the extra ingredients to make gravy. 

Uses of a bridge element

• Cooking large amounts of food on a long griddle

• Heating gravies and sauces in large roasting pans