Buying a Freezer


Deep freezers are secondary freezers that offer additional storage space for frozen foods. Investing in a new freezer or replacing an old one can offer a variety of benefits, from more energy efficient options to newer technological features. Both upright and chest freezers are available in different sizes to accommodate families and individuals. A deep freezer can help solve the problem of too much food in your refrigerator freezer.

Why buy a deep freezer?

If you're an avid hunter, fisher or gardener, you probably have a surplus at the end of the season. By freezing your unused meat and vegetables, you'll be able to save money throughout the year with your own food supply.

For families who shop at bulk food stores or buy items during huge sales, it's easy to freeze additional items in your second freezer.

Bigger items that take up a lot of space, like sheet cakes and large cuts of meat, will fit easily into a deep freezer.

If you cook large meals on the weekend, you can create your own frozen dinners to save time during the week. By creating easy-to-make dinners for the week, you'll have more time with the family in the evenings.

College students in a dorm, who like to keep frozen dinners, pizzas or even ice cream treats will benefit from having a small freezer next to their mini fridge.

Features of deep freezers

Technological features

  • Door alarms let you know when the door is a jar
  • Automatic defrost heats the coils in your freezer on a regular basis in order to keep it from producing too much frost
  • Power-on lights offer an exterior light that ensures your freezer is at the right temperature without having to open the door




Energy efficiency

  • ENERGY STAR ratings are an optional system of measuring and displaying energy efficiency
  • Chest freezers can sometimes be more energy efficient than upright freezers




Other features

  • Soft-freeze compartments can make it easy to store and serve food items like ice cream and sherbet
  • Interior lights can make it simple to find food items, though not all freezers have this feature
  • Door locks can keep your freezer tightly closed to seal in cool air and keep children from accidentally opening the door

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Types of Deep Freezers

Chest freezers

Chest freezer models open up at the top, which offers a reliable seal when the door is closed.They often have more useable storage space, but less organizational features.

  • Price range: $175-$1,400
  • Width range: 23-42 inches
  • Depth range: 21-31 inches
  • Capacity range: 5-21 cubic feet


Chest freezers are best for…

Hunters: These freezers have more useable space per cubic foot than upright freezers, so they'll store larger cuts of meat and more food, in general.

Space-savers: With more storage space per cubic foot, you'll be able to store more food in a smaller freezer, whether you keep it in a garage or basement.

Upright freezers

Upright freezers open in the front. With shelves, drawers and other compartments, they feature a more organized space for frozen foods.

  • Price range: $625-$3,000
  • Width range: 18.5-36inches
  • Depth range:17.75-33 inches
  • Height range: 19.5-65 inches
  • Capacity range: 1.1-20.9 cubic feet




Upright freezersare best for…

Organization enthusiasts: With an upright model, there are more shelves and drawers to keep your food neatly arranged inside the freezer.

Busy moms: If you're always on the go, you want it to be easy to find frozen food items and cook or defrost them quickly so you can finish all of your tasks and errands.

Bottom Line

If you find yourself over-stuffing the freezer in your refrigerator, you can easily free up some of that space by storing excess food in a secondary freezer. When you're looking for the perfect freezer solution for your home, you'll find that you may be better suited with one type over the other. Upright freezers may be easier to organize and locate food items quickly, but chest freezers offer more useable space. Decide what the most important factors are for you, and choose accordingly so that you can start enjoying the benefits of a deep freezer.