What is a Freestanding Range?

A freestanding range is a kitchen range with finished side panels and a backsplash. This type of range can stand alone, at the end of a row of cabinets or in the middle of a countertop with cabinets. There are both gas and electric freestanding ranges to suit your personal preferences and needs. Some freestanding models are dual-fuel ranges, so you can combine the best of both options.

Freestanding ranges are the most versatile when it comes to range installation, as you can place them almost anywhere in your kitchen to accommodate gas or electric hook-ups. With freestanding ranges, you'll find that there is often a drawer at the bottom of the stove to hold pots and pans for easy access. Some models may instead have a warming drawer that can keep dishes and meals warm while you finish cooking large meals. The controls for electric cooktops and ovens are usually located on the backsplash, whereas gas models often have controls at the front; some models have controls at the front and on the backsplash.

Features of a freestanding range

  • Placement versatility
  • Gas, electric and dual-fuel models
  • A backsplash holds the controls for electric ranges
  • Gas ranges have control panels in the front
  • Storage drawer for cookware