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What is an Agitator?

Found only in top-load washers, an agitator is the column in the center of your wash basket. It rotates back and forth to move your clothes around and forces soapy water through the fabric to remove dirt. Your agitator may also have a dispenser at the top for fabric softener. Pour your fabric softener in this dispenser and the washer will automatically add it to the laundry during the rinse cycle.

Two common types of agitators are the straight-vane agitator and the dual-action agitator. Straight-vane agitators contain large fins on the bottom and smaller fins at the top; all the fins spin to rotate your clothes back and forth through the water. Dual-action agitators have fins at the bottom and a spiral design at the top. The bottom fins spin while the spirals help move clothes at the top of the basket down to the bottom, ensuring a more thorough and even cleaning of your entire load.

Benefits of having an agitator in your washer

  • Rotates to disperse the detergent and get the water sudsy
  • Spins clothes throughout the soapy water, removing odors and stains
  • Moves clothes around the washer basket to provide an even cleaning
  • Dispenses fabric softener at the right time automatically